Refund policy

All of our products are made in small batches and hand packaged to ensure the highest quality is maintained, therefore returns and exchanges will not be offered for reasons of general dissatisfaction. We encourage you to contact us prior to ordering if you have questions about any products. Botanical Essentials offers sample and 1oz products  (for purchase) in case you are unsure of your purchase before purchasing our 3 oz and larger sizes. 

Does Botanical Essentials Offer Free Samples?

Generally, no. We are a very small company, and so we are unable to provide free samples at this time. We do offer however sample and 1 oz sizes for sale on our website if you are unsure/curious about a product. 

Product Description

Our products are described as accurately as possible and we have listed the ingredients on our website. Please make sure you are aware of what you are purchasing and take the "NO REFUND Policy", into consideration before you buy. As a consumer, we encourage that you ask questions for additional clarity about our products. Please allow 24-72 hours for a response to any inquiries.